I never liked the Napster thing, but Lars ended up being right.  St. Anger was a mistake but everyone is entitled to a few and that was one. They did a great National Anthem at the San Francisco Giants game over the weekend.  


L.A. SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HAHA....Metallica fans get that reference.

As far as anthems go you can rarely do the right thing.  It always felt to me like you were volunteering for a suicide mission.

These guys did great in a big spot as they always do.  This is the consummate American Rock and Roll band.  They have spanned generations in a way that only a handful of bands have, they have kept a pretty consistent lineup, they tour heavy, they have the stones to try new things and step outside themselves and they have been the epitome of cool in Rock since they were kids.

Sure....they sellout......EVERY NIGHT!