This series will roll right up until kickoff of Super Bowl 50.  We will start today with John Madden.

"John Madden explains buckets"

OK, so if you were paying attention you know a few things:  John Madden just spent 35 seconds explaining something to us we already knew, we all loved it and there is a Dad, Mom and baby bucket.  GOTCHA.

"I'm here so I won't get fined"

I think he is here so he won't get fined.  Marshawn Lynch has been one of the most electric and powerful running backs in the NFL for years.  You can tell he loves to play football but there is one thing he does not love and that is doing interviews.  Keep in mind this was Super Bowl Media week.  I'm sure Roger Goodell loved this one.

"Eli refuses to play for the San Diego Chargers"

Leading up to the 2004 NFL Draft Eli Manning with the advice of his father Archie made it clear to the San Diego Chargers that if they chose him he would refuse to play for them.  The Chargers ended up drafting and trading him and the rest is history.  If this were any other player the media would have blasted him for this.  Jim Kelly refused years ago to play for the Bills and was blasted.  He went instead to the USFL which folded not long after and he ended up in Buffalo anyway.  Brian Bosworth refused to play for the Seahawks and eventually caved and ended up there.  The Manning's worked the system and won.

"Ricky Williams and the Miami Dolphins"

Ricky William's time in Miami was tainted by drug suspensions and bizarre off the field behavior.  He would eventually reveal in later interviews and documentaries that he had a troubled youth and suffered from depression.  Had Ricky played his career through from beginning to end without interruption he would have easily gone down as one of the best running backs in the history of the NFL.


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