The late, great Rick James once said, "Cocaine is a hell of a drug." Well, so are steroids. 

Now, of course, that is me joking. I can not sit here and slander the man. I don't know a thing about him except that when I see him on TV, I am hyped for weather. Now, no one is more hyped for weather than he is but his enthusiasm is electric.

When you are knee-deep in snow with your head frozen inside your hood, and you celebrate like a conditioning coach on game day, you know you are all business. No one loves weather like this guy.

Now, as Hurricane Matthew approaches the shores of Florida, Jim Cantore is in place for the Weather Channel, and prepared to kick some ass. When I say this guy thinks he can fight a hurricane, I believe in my heart that he actually believes it. I can tell you his calf game is out of control. I never start a fight with calf guys. If a guy looks like he is smuggling midgets in his calves, you should look the other way.

Good luck, Jim. We know at the very least you will be on 10 this weekend. Hey, Jim, where are you headed?