Things you need to know on June 16.

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  • Lou Russo a 97-year-old a local World War II veteran. Lou suffered injuries during a fall at his home and spent more than a year in a nursing home. While he was gone the heating system and other items were taken from his New Fairfield home. Purple Heart Homes and students from Henry Abbott Tech in Danbury stepped in to help replace the heating system.
  •  United Technologies President and CEO Gregory Hayes says exiting the helicopter business is the best path forward for the company. UT made it official yesterday by announcing they are officially going to either sell or spin off their Sikorsky Aircraft subsidiary. Sikorsky, which makes Black Hawk helicopters, is based in Stratford, CT where it has about 8,000 employees at its largest plant.
  • I can feel the earth move under my feet -literally. The earthquake that devastated Nepal on April 25 moved the world's highest mountain. Chinese authorities say the quake actually shifted Mount Everest three centimeters to the southwest. The massive quake however didn't affect Everest's 29,029-foot height. China has been using a satellite monitoring system to study the mountain's movement since 2005.
  • A paleontologist is a scientist who studies the history of life on Earth. Jack Horner is one, and he worked on "Jurassic World" and the other "Jurassic Park" movies. Well Jack recently told  "Business Insider" the idea that a live dinosaur could exist is within reach. Horner has been unsuccessful in his attempts to extract DNA from dinosaur bones the way it's done in the movies, but he thinks there's another way. He believes it starts with direct descendants of dinosaurs,and that would be birds. No fooling! Click on "BUSINESS INSIDER" to read more.

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