This is one autobiography that I can't wait to read!

If you listen to my show, you know that I love KISS. They were my first concert, the Dynasty Tour in Tulsa, OK in 1979. Paul Stanley just announced that he's releasing his autobiography "Face the Music: A Life Exposed" on April 22, 2014. I can't wait to count how many times he uses the world "People!" ! 

One of my favorite things to do is imitate Paul when I intro some of their music. I saw Kiss at the Hartford Civic Center back in the 90's, and at one point in the concert, this gem rolled out of Paul -- "Let me tell ya somethin' people! We coulda been anywhere in the world tonight people....We coulda been playin'...the Taj Mahal.... We coulda played...The Kremlin.... coulda played at the Great Pyramids of Egypt...but we wanted to be right here in Hartford tonight people!!!!"

Pure gold. I'm sure Peter and Ace REALLY wanted to stop at the hot dog vendor on Asylum instead of hanging out with the mummies in the pyramids that night...