Keeping your child safe, or going too far? You decide.

Even though I'm childless, I still absolutely understand protecting your child at all costs. Most parents I know would do whatever it takes to keep their kid safe. Our innocence about a world free of predators and worse ceased to exist decades ago.

Add a new tool to the mix of trying to keep your child out of harms way. This new app lets parents see their child's texts. Teen Safe allows parents to keep an eye on cell phone use by their children. The app also offers a tracking feature to show where kids are located.

I did some research about the Teen Safe app, and I will say that there are many mixed reviews. I definitely found a love / hate mix in the fifty - fifty range when pulling up the reviews. I still think it's worth parents looking into. If Teen Safe seems like something you'd be interested in, you should read the information about the pros and cons covered in the Parental Control Apps website review.

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