According to the NY Post there is a new in flight dating app called Air Dates. You can post your itinerary, connect with other on your flight and communicate Wi-Fi free. You now can stay real busy trying to get some sweet, sweet action on your boring flight.

Listen, joining the Mile High Club never really appealed to me. There is one place to go to get the deed done and that is the bathroom. I am not a big public bathroom fan. Add in the fact that it's on an airplane and the square footage is about 12 ft and you have a recipe for serious grossness. I have never been in an airplane bathroom and thought you know I am really turned on right now. You have odd smells, turbulence and when you flush the toilet you feel like you are going to be sucked out into the great beyond.

No, the Mile High club is lame. It's also not a very exclusive club. When I join a club I like to know that not everyone can get in, otherwise what is the point? I don't want every Tom, Dick and Harry walking through the door. Let's keep it exclusive. The Mile High Club is like a Member's Only Jacket. Almost everyone had one and almost everyone regrets having had it. I'm out.