Mellencamp has always been cool.  I mean world wide rock star with great songs, great lyrics. politically active and really just a bad ass attitude all the way around.  Now he goes and pulls this off. Yes, he is dating Christie Brinkley.  The two have been photographed hand-in-hand and she looks as good as ever.

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She has been a stone cold fox her entire life and now in her 60s she is showing zero signs of slowing down anytime soon. These two are the power couple of the century.

My real question is how did this not happen like 30 years ago?

These two were at the top of their game then. I wonder if they ever ask that question of each other. When they were super at the top of their game in the 80s they had to have met each other at a party, an awards show or a concert of some sort. They had to.  Why did they not give each other the goods then?

Why am I so excited about it?  I need to calm down.

It's all too much for my brain right now. What should their celebrity mash up name be?  Mellencampley?  Cougaristie Mellencamp?  Brinkleycamp?  It can go any number of ways here.