For my money, Halloween is the greatest horror movie ever made. Furthermore, it's one of the greatest films ever made in general. 

The genius behind the original film is John Carpenter. In 2007, Rock and Roll icon and filmmaker, Rob Zombie, took on the challenge of remaking the film. At the time, he did it with John Carpenter's blessing. John has since changed his mind about the kind of guy Rob is and Rob's portrayal of the character Michael Myers. Here's what he had to say recently in an interview at the New York Film Academy. He starts slamming Rob around the 2:40 mark.

The original is almost always the better film, and that is also the case here. In fact, I hated the remake. I thought it was so out of touch with the original and the mystique of the Michael Myers character was lost.

As far as what kind of a guy Rob Zombie is, who is to say? I can't call him a piece of s--t like Carpenter did, because I do not know that man. However, Zombie does live in our local area, and every story I have heard about him makes him not come across too great. I try to take those third party accounts with a grain of salt, but I have heard more than one story. All I can speak on is what I know, and that is the remakes stunk and the originals were great. I am on team Carpenter.