I am not sure what the odor is, but I can tell you it is quite potent. 

Nothing glaringly obvious on the surface here. I mean, I have crunched this thing every which way, and I am still coming up with nothing. I know it's not any kind of a mechanical smell, so we can eliminate that right now. There is no left over food to speak of. It, of course, has a hint of cigarette smoke but I am a smoker, so it's not that.

If I had to describe the smell, I would have to say that it's somewhere between stale egg fart, and rotting raccoon carcass. There is a hint of death in the air, and the air is thick. I don't know what it could be. I don't transport anything exotic. I don't engage in any weirdo behavior in the truck.

What could it be? Is there something obvious that I am missing? Are hobos sleeping in my truck and night, and doing doodie? I have no answers, and an almost unlimited amount of questions. Have you ever played find the smell? If so, what did it turn out to be and how long did it take to find? Tomorrow on the Ethan and Lou show I will try and describe the smell in greater detail, and see if you can tell me what it is.

Maybe it's the B.O. car from Seinfeld.