We talked about this on the Ethan and Lou show this morning, and found out that almost everyone we asked was really passionate about 1 place. 

First, we had phone calls for Grassy Plain Vape and Smoke. It was important to those customers that we knew they had bongs. Consider us informed. Not surprising to learn that the Ethan and Lou listener loves their bongs. The Goodie Shop in New Fairfield got a lot of love as well. For good reason. Marc is a good guy that cranks out a great product. We heard about Atkins candy store in Winsted, CT from years ago. Another guy said he is loyal to Stepney Hardware in Monroe, CT.

I've always tried to support local businesses whenever possible. It's one of the big things that I love about living just off the green in New Milford. I can walk out my front door, and within a few hundred yards, visit the Bank Street Coffee House, and get coffee and Breakfast. I can get my smokes and a paper at Archway. I can grab a beer at O'Connors, and hit up a movie at the Bank Street theater. There are not a lot of communities like that any more.

What local businesses are you passionate about? Who deserves recognition today? You can honor them but posting their name with #Nationalmomandpopbusinessday.