I received this interesting e-mail the other day, "My kid is 5 years old and always on the move and getting in trouble so I decided to buy one of those harmless leashes so I'm able to keep better track of him. It got warm enough the other day so we were able to go to Bennett's Park in Bethel. Some woman began yelling at me for having him on the leash and told me I should be a responsible parent and pay attention to my kid and not my iphone."


"I told her it was my kid and my decision whether I use a leash or not and to mind her own business." Here's the controversy......Is it lazy and irresponsible for parents to use those kiddie leashes? Or, is it a safeguard to make sure the child doesn't get hurt or lost? This is her first child and she was looking for feedback from fellow I-95 listeners. What are your feelings regarding using a kiddie leach on an active child?