Daniel Murphy left the New York Mets when they would not pay him what he thought he was worth. He went to play for their sworn enemy, the Washington Nationals. Tonight, the Mets will honor Murph with a video tribute at Citi Field, according to the NY Post. 

I usually do not have a problem with a player being honored by his former team when he comes back into town. As long as he is not playing for your rival. The Mets and the Nationals are on a collision course this year that I think will come right down to the wire. You cannot honor the guy that parted ways with you over getting top dollar, only to end up with your rival.

If you want to honor him years down the road, when he is washed up, and Bryce Harper is playing for the New York Yankees for $300 million over twelve years, by all means go ahead and do that. This, however, is too soon. Not to mention that Daniel Murphy is hitting like .400, and will probably go deep tonight. No one needs a reminder of the huge asset they just lost.

This is like the Yankees and Red Sox honoring each other. It makes me sick. I felt bad for Red Sox fans who had to watch Jeter being honored at Fenway, and I'll feel bad for me when I have to watch the Yankees honor David Ortiz this year. It's just unnatural.