If you want to be punched from here to the edge of eternity and back? Then, by all means dance with this dude's girlfriend.

Wow... homeboy was just sitting there quietly minding his own business when all of the sudden some dude has the audacity to try and grind up on his lady.  Things take a horribly violent turn after that happens.

I love how long it takes people to notice that this guy is basically lying dead on the floor.


He did not see that coming.  I have seen some nasty knockouts in my day and this one has to be right near the top.  I mean holy cow... .he launched this dude off his feet and onto the floor never to be seen or heard from again and then pounds his drink and walks out like a boss.

The jealousy thing is not worth it. You end up in jail or your girl ends up with the exact guy you were most worried she would end up with.

This girl is probably at this guys hospital bed right now nursing him back to health so they can get married, have children and live happily ever after.

I did the jealousy thing with women I've been with over the years. It's a waste. They want you to not care or pretend to not care who they talk to when in public. They also want you to pay attention to them any second they don't happen to be talking with someone else.  The female mind is a tricky thing to navigate.