According to the NY Daily News, you can take a shot at Donald Trump for just 5$.

Kallan Sherrard claims to be an artist and an activist. Dressed as Donald Trump, the artist showed up in Union Square Thursday. He charged just 5 dollars to punch him, 7 bucks to throttle him and $300 to pee on him.

Well, I am glad we are all able to stay calm, and act like adults. This has all gone too far now. The violence is out of control. I mean, it's Easter week, people. Let's behave. I have never seen anything like this campaign season in all of my life. I'm part laughing, and the other part of me is sad for us all. We look dopey on both sides of this thing, and I do not see a happy ending coming anytime soon.

But, hey, if you've got an extra 300 bucks laying around, and you wanna just throw it away by giving it to a so-called artist, then have yourself a pee party. And can we address the term street performer for a second? If you are going to call yourself a performer, would you mind maybe performing something? Dressing like Trump and running around flipping the bird is not art, it's stupidity.