We will be talking about this on Monday on the Ethan and Lou show on I-95.  95.1FM...WRKI...you get the idea.....OK MORE YOU SAY?.....Weekday morning from 5:30-10am....also here on www.i95rock.com and the radio pup app on your mobile device.  But I am torn about what I would do. 

According to CNN.com we can have these powers now.

Scientists are saying that based on technology and advancements in health we are capable of:

Super Strength - Hulk

Flight - Superman

Robotic shielding - Iron Man

X-Ray Vision - Wonder Woman

Breathing under water - Aquaman

Echolocation - Daredevil

Telepathy - Professor X

Night Vision - Beast

Self Healing - Firestorm, Lizard

Super Speed - The Flash

Bulletproof - Batman

Climbing the walls - Spiderman (I do that whenever my wife is away)....HAHA

I am torn between flight and being able to breath under water but because I love swimming I am leaning toward breathing under water..

What is yours?  Let us know by leaving a comment here.