Yes That was my day on Saturday we went shopping at BJ's.  I said this is going to suck and my wife Erica told me that it would not suck and I was going to make the best of it and have fun.  Spoiler alert...I had fun.  Well at least I pretended to for the sake of my safety.  We had to do the BIG shopping for the month and I was told I would be there.  I had never been to BJ's before and to say the least I was both overwhelmed and impressed.

It took me a few isles before I realized that my dream of getting one of something was out.  There is no one item at BJ's.  You buy 15 of something or you leave and you leave in a hurry.  They throw you out in the street if you even think of asking for 1 of something.

I would say I had an overall positive experience at BJ's but before you know it a few hours had gone by and our Gigantic cart was filled to the brim so bad that it was getting hard to turn the cart.  That is when I said I am no longer having fun and it's time to go.  My wife could see that I had had enough, she took mercy on me and directed me to BJ's liquor store and all was well.

What is it with chicks thinking shopping is fun?  It is not.  It never will be.  SO just stop it once and for all.