On May 17, a bunch of dashboard cams filmed a bright green tinged fireball sweeping across the early morning northeastern skies.

Has God finally reached His breaking point, and is calling for a do-over or is it just an intense meteor showing off? According to amsmeteors.org, the AMS received over 500 calls about the fireball at around 12:50 AM on May 17. Most of the witnesses to the fireball were in Maine but calls also came in from Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Ontario (Canada), and Quebec.

Many who witnessed the fireball said it had a tail and was accompanied by the sound of a loud boom. From the amsmeteors.org website, Craig C. from Canton, Maine said, "There was a 3-5 minute delay from the time I saw it to the boom that I heard and felt, very loud and shook the home, unlike anything I've ever experienced before."

From the NewsTimes article, Ruth J. who saw the fireball from Seymour, claimed she didn't hear the sound but the fireball had a stellar magnitude of 18" or brighter than a full moon. The meteor society calls meteors brighter than the planet Venus, fireballs.

Some food for thought. Back in February 2013, the meteor that exploded over Russia's Ural Mountains was one of the most humongous space rocks to plummet to Earth in over 100 years. Experts say it was 55 feet wide and weighed in at 100,000 pounds. Just sayin'.

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