Haven't you had a free moment when your mind wanders, and you say to yourself, "I'd love to know which cities in New York are the drunkest!" The Hudson Valley may have a drinking issue.

From roadsnacks.com comes the list of the Top 10 Drunkest Cities in New York State. Here are the drunken criteria RoadSnacks.com used to determine their findings:

1. Number of bars and pubs per capita

2. Number of wineries

3. Number of liquor stores

4. Each city's drunk related tweets

5. Each city's divorce rate

  • 1


    Kingston, representing the Hudson Valley, is 4th in the state for bars per capita. Match that stat up with one of the highest divorce rates in the state and Kingston comes out on top! Congratulations Kingston for being the drunkenest city in NYS.

    Kingston, NY Bar - Google Instant View
  • 2


    Bayshore is on Long Island and 10% of the population are divorced.

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  • 3


    The Hudson Valley scores #1 with Kingston and #3 with Poughkeepsie.

    The Brown Derby - Google Instsant Street View
  • 4


    YOU KIDDING ME?! Plattsburgh is up in the great white northern part of New York near the Canadian border where they consistently get lots of snow and cold. So, what else is there to do in Plattsburgh but drink?

    Here's a Memorable Drinking Hole, the Dry Dock Lounge in Plattsburgh, Ny - Google Instant Streetview
  • 5


    With the 10th highest divorce rate and ranked 12th in bars per capita, no wonder Binghamton makes #5 on this list.

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  • 6


    Lots of stress flying around New York State's capital city along with lots and lots of college kids looking to get hammered on the weekends. Albany ranks #5 for bars per capita.

    The State Capitol in Albany - Getty Images
  • 7


    SUNY Oswego college students love to party because of the many feet of snow they get due to the lake effect.

    SUNY Oswego - Google Instant Streetview
  • 8


    Ronkonkoma comes in at #4 when it comes to liquor stores per capita. A word of advice, if you're pulled over and the officer asks where you're going, never tell them you're going to Ronkonkami or Ronkonkaka, or Ronkonkamoose. You'll never get the correct pronunciation and all of a sudden you're in a prison cell for the night. Ronkonkawoooo!

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  • 9


    With the divorce rate at 10% and the bars per capita at 15th in the state, along with being 8th in liquor stores per capita, it's no wonder that Middletown made the Top 10.

    Silhouettes Gentleman's Club in Middletown, NY - Google Instant Streetview
  • 10


    Between the intense snow storms and having to watch the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo was a shoe-in to snag the #10 spot for Drunkest in the State.

    Buffalo, NY Snowstorm - Getty