I saw this on Facebook today.  Someone made this there post, and I thought it was interesting and funny. This is a fun game, and I want to play. 

How would one purposely or accidentally ruin a date with five words. Here are some examples that I think would work great:

  • Your mom is really hot.
  • My *%^&* are really itchy.
  • I have drugs for you.
  • I farted, it really smells.
  • Can you touch my _____?
  • Will you be my husband?
  • My Lithium prescription ran out.
  • My cat speaks to God.
  • Can you hold my gun?
  • This cowboy hat is snug.
  • You remind me of mom.
  • I left my wallet home.
  • Your breath is so bad.
  • Your chipped tooth adds character.
  • I have over 50 cats.
  • I love cats so much.
  • My cat sleeps with me.
  • My cat is my life.
  • My dog is my life.
  • My dogs sleeps with me.
  • My cat is my child.
  • My dog is my child
  • My ex is in lockup.

These are all great examples ... what do you think?  We want to know about it.  Leave a message here or tune in to the Ethan and Lou morning show tomorrow between 5:30-10am and we will be taking your calls on this at (203) 775-9595.

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