Give your kids an old school summer!  DO IT!  This should be a thing and here are some suggestions....

1 - Let them drink from the hose....they are NOT going to die.

2 - This is the hardest but take their electronic devices away, TV is no longer the problem.  You will face resistance the likes of which has not been seen since....since...well I don't know whatever the movie: "300" was based on. It will be worth it.

3 - Encourage them to get in some mischief!  YES, I said mischief nothing harmful to others.  Victimless crimes like:  pool hopping.

4 - Make them ride their bike somewhere they would normally ask you to drive them.

5 - Encourage them to invite friends over and camp out in the backyard.

6 - Throw a family softball game, you won't regret it.

These are some...there will be more tomorrow on the show