Don't even get me started on piss-poor drivers! Common sense does not rule when they are behind the wheel. Connecticut lawmakers are hoping to make a difference.

I know from experience that accidents do happen. My husband was, for a period of time, an avid cyclist. He was hit by a car while out on a ride. She was a student who had just come from an exam, was exhausted, was turning into a coffee shop and drove right into him. For the most part, he was okay. Bumps, scrapes, and a very wrecked, very expensive bike. The girl paid dearly for that one by covering the cost of a new bike.

My husband has a friend that wasn't as lucky as him During a group ride, a driver decided he was pissed at the cyclists and drove right into them. My husbands friend survived, but spent a lot of time in the hospital. That driver paid with a jail sentence.

Now, on top of criminal charges, Connecticut is looking to do more. In a story reported by, a new bill would raise the current fine to $500 for drivers who hit pedestrians and bicyclists while within crosswalks. The fines would be in addition to criminal charges under a bill that won final, unanimous approval in the Senate on Tuesday. It now goes to Governor Malloy for final review.

This is my plea to anyone reading this, please, please slow down and be aware of your surroundings. Crosswalks and beyond, people should not fall victim to getting struck injured, or tragically, killed.

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