Summer has arrived. It brings the promise of lot's of sunny days outside. Do you always lose your sunglasses? Even if the answer is no, you can always use an extra pair. Here's some tips for buying the best ones.

Sunglasses aren't just for protecting our eyes anymore. They are a "fashion" statement for sure. So, if you're like me, you have a lot of them! But protecting my eyes really is my FIRST concern.

Here's some tips from eye doctors for buying a good pair.

Put those sunglasses on and I'll play you some ZZ Top!

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  • 1

    100 % U.V. Protection Is Key

    This is the BIGGIE! Those nasty rays are radiation from the sun causing all sorts of problems including cataracts.


  • 2

    Buy BIG

    Bigger sunglasses keep more of those nasty U.V. rays out. I know we all laugh at the big "wrap arounds" but your grandparents are on to something!

  • 3

    Lens Color Doesn't Matter

    Research says that no matter what the color or how dark the lens is, they all block U.V. rays.

  • 4

    Polariized - Yes or No

    Back to those U.V. rays to answer the question. The skinny on polarized lenses is they do reduce glare but you need to make sure they block 100 % of U.V. rays too.

  • 5

    You Can Buy Cheap

    Here's were the fashion thing comes in. You want a ton of pairs of sunglasses? Eye doctors say go for it! JUST MAKE SURE..they have 100 % U.V. protection.