Could Connecticut be the next Colorado?

Connecticut residents, as well as two state representatives from New Haven, will gather at the state capital today to engage in more conversations and testimony about legalizing marijuana in Connecticut.

Without a doubt, the dismal fiscal situation that the state of Connecticut is in makes the discussions viable. The high tax situation certainly will fuel the fire as well.

In a story from, experts on both sides of the controversial issue will testify on the concept of legalizing pot for recreational use today. However, Governor Malloy once again yesterday stated that he is opposed to marijuana being legalized for recreational use in Connecticut. According to, 14 states are poised to legalize recreational use and Connecticut is on the list.

Connecticut already has six medical marijuana dispensaries, with three more due to open this summer. Obviously, medical use and recreational use differ, but I think regardless of Malloy's opposition, the fight is on. What do you think?

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