That is my baby. Christopher Michael Milano turned 7-years-old yesterday. 

Christopher here is my helper. He is kind, attentive and always wants to please his dad. Whenever I ask the kids to give me a hand Chrissy rushes to dad's side. I am so proud of the caring little man that he is. He has an infectious laugh, amazing sense of humor and is filled with energy. It feels like just yesterday I was standing in a hospital room watching a nurse with man hands wipe goo off his enormous head. And now he's not a baby. He's someone I have conversations with. Someone I get to guide through this world. He is someone whose company I very much enjoy.

I remember when my kids were really little talking to other parents and them telling me to enjoy this time with them cause it flies by and they were right. So now I have to remember to remind myself to enjoy this time with them because this too will fly by.

Happy birthday Chrissy, Daddy loves you.