According to the E! Online, ABC's Nashville has been cancelled after 4 seasons. 

Good riddance. I don't get the whole neo-country music movement. In fact, it aggravates me. All it is is pop music with a twang, and America has fallen for it. It's not country music, and somewhere, Johnny Cash is rolling over in his grave. This show Nashville celebrated this music scene, and I did not like that either. Furthermore, I did not like listening to my morning show partner, Ethan Carey, drone on about the show like a 13-year-old girl. So, goodbye to you, Nashville.

I am, however, surprised, and a little upset, that FOX has cancelled the John Stamos show Grandfathered.

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It is one of those rare instances where I liked a show that is "cute" funny. The show follows John Stamos' character as he finds out late in life that he is not only a father, but a grandfather. He has to weigh his bachelor lifestyle against being a family man. Plus, it has Christina Milian in it, and she is smoking hot.

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Boom goes the dynamite! I see a nipple.

I am not worried one bit about Stamos, though. Dude is a Hollywood survivor. He is the only actor I can think of that has not had to stretch at all, and he just gets to keep working, playing the same character every time. That character is John frigging Stamos. He always gets to be the cool guy.