Do you drive through this cluster of I-84 insanity every day? I've been through so much during my commute that I like to call it the "Perils of Pam!" 

I live quite a distance from work. Clearly my choice. On a good day, it's a 50-minute commute to the radio station. I've been doing this drive for 17 years now, and I know I'm not alone in saying it sucks. Always has, always will. Shy of making the 84 corridor from the Hartford area to the Danbury area four lanes in each direction, it will pretty much remain a nightmare. And forget about getting off to take an alternate route. Of course you can, but you'll be enjoying the scenic back roads since no other "major" road parallels the interstate in this neck of the woods.

I've been rear-ended in Waterbury by a paraplegic using hand controls. In Southington I was almost decapitated by a box truck who veered back into traffic on rain slick roads because he was getting off the wrong exit. In Southbury my car was ripped open by a tractor trailer because, as he said, "I did not see her." I learned "rubbing is racing" on that one! Maybe I just have bad karma, because I swear to you, I was driving along watching the road and minding my own business.

So while I am happy that Connecticut is widening Interstate 84 in Waterbury and according to story yesterday in, Governor Malloy says the project is around a year ahead of schedule, I still hit the road with a fair amount of dread. The widening project is expected to be complete by the middle of 2019. Fingers crossed all of us road weary travelers make it that long!

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