I'm not gonna lie to ya! I am stymied by the game of Golf. In all the years I've been playing this frustrating game, only once have I shot under 100.

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I bring up this golfing confession because Danbury High School Jr., Max Theodorakis will never have to suffer the embarrassment of shanking a golf ball off the tee landing two fairways away. Max, the No. 22 seed, finished a respectable 2nd in the 73rd Annual Connecticut Junior Amateur Championship. From all of us here at I-95, congrats to Max Theodorakis. Just some parting advice for Max.......never ever invite Lou or I to play a round with you and your friends. Lou has actually rolled a golf cart and I've lost a club on one of my back swings, hitting a friend of mine in the chin. I'm just sayin'. Check out a quick YouTube hit of "Caddyshack."