Scott is a self pronounced "pizza expert," but not so much when it comes to frozen pizza. He writes for a pizza publication called "Pizza Today Magazine."

Most of Scott's time is taken up by running tours of famous pizzerias all over NYC and he holds the world record for collecting the most pizza boxes, so AOL called on Scott to use his expertise to judge five different brands of frozen pizza: DiGiorno's, Ellio's, California Pizza Kitchen, Trader Joe's, and Trader Joe's Gluten Free and here are your results.

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    Scott, not a big fan of DiGiorno saying it had 1. "Heinous Sauce, 2. Big Time Tomato Just Not There, 3. Completely Masked, 4. Garlic Powder Taste, 5. Monotonous Bite, 6. One Trick Pony Kind of Chew." 

    DiGiorno Pizza Walker at the 2010 People's Choice Awards - Credit Getty Images
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    1. "Total Renegade"(?!!) 2. "Dual Texture with the Chewiness Inside" 3. "Excitement Wears Down" 4. "Very Whitebread Crust" 5. "Excellent Cheese to Sauce Ratio"

    Frozen Pizza Being Made - Credit Getty Images
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    California Pizza Kitchen

    1. "Funny to Touch" 2, "Cracker Like" 3. "Weird BBQ Thing Going" 4. "Crust Drying His Mouth Out" 5. "There's No SAUCE! Simply Awful!

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    Trader Joe's

    1. "Soft Crust, Not Crunchy, No Sound" 2. "Chewy Gummy Crust" 3. "Weak Sauce..Dead Pizza"...Geez, I guess he didn't like this one!

    Frozen Pizza as Workers Begin "Topping" the Pizza - Credit Getty Images
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    Trader Joe's Gluten Free

    Score baby!! 1. "Very Robust Sauce" 2. "Major Garlic Action" 3. "Weird Chalky Thing on the Crust, Whatever" 4. "Cheese Drag is Great!"