OK, I've talked about this a lot on the show....my dream guests and they are...

#1 - Miami sound machine, yes; "come on shake your body baby do that conga!"  All day, everyday!

#2 - Jan Hammer: he is the guy that did the Miami Vice theme song and it is the JAM AND THE JELLY!

#3 - Scott Baio - Chachi from "Happy Days."  If you did not want to be him, there is something wrong with you.  Also, homeboy has dated the hottest women in the world.  He dated Pam Anderson and many others.  I say Hey-Yo to Baio!

#4 - Channing Tatum - Man crush city!  I used to hate him.   When girls would talk about him, I would refer to him as Tatum anus just to pretend I did not know his name.  Something happened after that I saw 21 Jumpstreet and The Dilemma and he's funny.  There is no hating this dude.  Plus one day he will go all Marlon Brando and get fat and I can feel better about myself.

#5 - James Hetfield - Metallica is life, life is Metallica

#6 - John Mccain - Say what you want about his politics, the guy was a P.O.W.  I have to hear about that time.

#7 - Tom Skerrit - Top Gun, Picket Fences, nuff said!