Why is a famous Connecticut native taking flack?

My gut instinct tells me I'm never getting Botox or having a face-lift. In my heart I believe my wrinkles define me and the life I've lived. There is, however, that tiny part of me that thinks, hell if I had a boatload of money, then why not!

All of that aside, there is so much more going on around us on a daily basis to really give a rat's ass about the way someone looks, celebrity or otherwise. So it's pretty shocking that Meg Ryan's appearance at this past Sunday's Tony Awards had people lashing out on social media.

Really people? A horrific tragedy in Orlando unfolded mere hours before the Tony Awards, yet according to cosmopolitan.com, Meg Ryan's face was one of the top trending topics on social media. I think cosmopolitan said it best with this:

So seriously, stop being a d--k about Meg Ryan's face. Not only is it mean, it's boring as hell.

The only way I would have said it better would have included a ton of swears.

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