First off, congrats to Army for snapping a 14-year losing streak to Navy. The game, though, was not the most exciting part of the day. Easily, the most entertaining, was Donald Trump up in the booth talking with Vern Lundquist and that other guy.

I wonder if he has a checklist of people to insult in his head every time he does an interview or if it just comes naturally. Start out with dogging the quality of football played by Army and Navy -- check! Pretend to know who Vern Lundquist is -- check! Say that every celebrity mentioned is his close personal friend -- check! Spew out vague, super positive buzz words -- check and double check.

My only regret is that Trump was in the booth for a short time. I would love to see him call a full NFL game without the help of a real broadcaster. Just Trump solo. Saying regrettable things for four hours with football as the back drop. That is must-see television, right there. You can keep Celebrity Apprentice. I want to see Trump call 16 NFL games, just randomly firing camera men, producers, and coaches for four hours every Sunday.