Is there anything weird about your holiday?

If you think about it so many of us have the same old same old Thanksgiving traditions.  We gather, eat way too much for course number one, then we watch football, sleep, gather, eat way too much for course two, watch football, sleep, gather, eat way too much for course number three, watch football, sleep....ON AND ON IT GOES.

Is being different for the sake of being different good though?

I remember one Thanksgiving we were going to my Aunt's house and my mom warned my sister and I that we would do things a little different this year. It was weird. My aunt made hats for us all out of like twigs and leaves and junk.

We wore them and went around the room doing some hippie speech about why we love each other. It was brutal. I think if I remember correctly the menu was WAY not normal also. I did not come away from that experience with a fuzzy feeling.

What could a family do that would be different and awesome?  I have some ideas and not all of them are crazy.

First there are the wholesome feel good things like:

  • The whole family volunteers at a soup kitchen.
  • Or you could invite over some people that you may not know well but are less fortunate.

Then you have some more unique and unnecessary ones like:

  • Each family member takes a vehicle and fills it with live turkeys and you each go to a designated part of town and let loose an unusual amount of live turkeys.  That would be killer fun.
  • You could go house to house in your neighborhood singing Christmas Carols like it's normal to do that on Thanksgiving.
  • You could jump in a family van and go to retail centers where Thanksgiving Christmas shoppers are waiting in line when they should be with their families and throw stink bombs at them.

I'm just spit balling here, but I guess there is always room to re-evaluate our family traditions. It's probably best to take suggestions from my first couple ideas being as there are no laws being broken there.

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