Make no mistake, I am NOT jolly like ole's Saint Nick but according to my wife I look like him. Yeah, she said I look like a young Santa Claus. I was not psyched to hear this news. I was convinced that this was a bad thing. She told me it was a good thing and then made eyes at me.

I found this to be an odd thing. I had never heard this before. I never knew that certain ladies were into Santa. Then I looked it up in the urban dictionary which we all know is the best place to go for credible information. It's called Santaphillic and is described as "An unhealthy obsession for Santa Claus. Can also turn into a sexual obsession/fetish."

Years ago when I was in shape and did not look like Santa I would have said that this was straight up creepy and unnatural but now that it's working in my favor, I'm all for it. Now I just have to keep her away from the mall. I don't need her and a more experienced Santa locking eyes and skipping off to the North Pole.

Are you or is someone you know way into Santa Claus, if so why? Tell us about it and we will share your comments on the Ethan and Lou miracle network.