Fingers crossed that this works out for the mounted police unit in our states capital.

On Nov. 22 I wrote a blog titled What Will Happen to Horses When Connecticut's Capital Disbands Police Mounted Unit? Now just a few weeks later there may be some good news to report.

It looks like a cavalry of sorts may be riding in to save the day!

According to, the First Company Governor's Horse Guard is offering to house Hartford horses for no charge. The Horse Guard operates under the Connecticut Army National Guard. This deal could certainly save the Hartford Police mounted unit. It will still need approval by the City Council, but I for one can't imagine anyone refusing the generous offer.

City council President Thomas "TJ" Clarke II told the Hartford Courant 

The police department would still be able to use the horses at its leisure, whether for community events like parades and block parties or for police services. They'll still be at the department's disposal, they just won't be a line-item budgetary fixture

I hope that this deal, which reportedly is still very tentative, moves forward. Not only are these two horses beautiful, but the unit is so helpful with crowd control and more in the state's capital area.

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