If you've seen or shared a social media post about a missing girl from Danbury over the past couple of days, you may have been duped.

In a press release distributed on Tuesday afternoon (August 9), the Danbury Police Department said that they are completely aware of a Facebook post claiming that a young, strawberry blonde girl named Kitty Collins has been missing since Saturday, August 7. Even though the post claims that a missing person report was filed, the Danbury PD says that the whole thing is a complete hoax.

In fact, the press release says that the link associated with the social media post may direct readers to a website at which personal or financial information could be at risk of being stolen.

The Danbury PD goes on to mention that the phone number listed in the post to report any information about Kitty Collins is also false. If you would like to verify the information of a possible missing person, the correct number to reach the police department is 203-797-4611.

Please be weary while navigating the digital jungle that is social media.