Officials in the City of Danbury are saying that while crowded homes are not anything new, the trend is rising.

According to the News Times, data is being gathered to see just how bad the problem has gotten. One city official said they recently found sixteen people living in a single-family home. Apparently, this overcrowding issue becomes dangerous for several reasons, but mainly, it increases fire hazards.

Well, let me tell you what, I am not into being crowded, feeling cramped, or being in small spaces with large groups of people. That is definitely something that sends me running for the exit. I once left a concert that I really wanted to see because I felt too cramped. I mean, I get uncomfortable when my whole family is, for some reason, all in the kitchen at the same time. I need my space, man. I had only two roommates in my life, and, thankfully, they were as insane about their space as I was. I think I saw my buddy, Matt, maybe three times when we lived together. I can't turn the kitchen into a two-bedroom apartment all it's own, throw up a divider, and call it a day. Not my thing. Although, being able to roll over at 3 AM, and cook up a Hot Pocket without making an extensive journey does sound pretty good.

We will bring this issue up with Danbury Mayor, Mark Boughton, this Thursday morning on the Ethan and Lou show when he joins us in his new weekly spot at 8:15 AM.