Road rage to me is funny.  Why?  Because we all do it on some level but this guy from Danbury apparently went pro. 

According News Times/ John A. Gannon who is 57 and from Danbury is alleged to have waved a gun in the direction of another driver in Jersey.  He's said to have been pulling into a convenience store on Rte. 23 in Franklin, NJ.

That is funny and scary to me.  The scary part is I have done my fair share of dumb things during road rage incidents and I'm not proud of it.  Scary part 2 is that someone has the stones and the anger to pull a gun on the road and oh P.S.  has a gun in their car.

The funny part is they are so angry they feel the need to pull a gun.  Like what is going on in your life that you are so angry that someone cut you off that you pull a gun on them?

I am an angry dude but WOWZERS went all Suge Knight on me and we are both just trying to park at Home Goods.  Take a pill....chill or otherwise.  Lay Down are freaking out bro.  Lower the firearm and think it through.