Crack don't smoke itself. We have learned that heroin has become a huge local problem in CT especially New Milford, CT, but now we hear about crack too? 

According to the News Times and local police two residents of New Milford, CT; Edgard Digirolamo and Kerri Higgins were arrested for possession of crack cocaine.

Authorities say the two were pulled over on Route 22 in Amenia, NY for failing to signal. The police say after a brief conversation with Digirolamo they determined he was impaired by drugs and they began a search of the vehicle.

Both Digirolamo and Higgins were charged with seventh degree criminal possession and released on a promise to appear in court.

Cool beans man... crack comes to New Milford.  Well isn't that special?  I did not know crack was even a problem around here, but apparently there is not a drug or drug problem that you can't find in and around New Milford, CT.  I'm of course joking and laughing about this, but it's not funny. Lives are at stake. I have kids and I don't like the idea that I have my family living in a town with such a deep rooted drug problem.  My kids are young and of course I don't expect 7 and 6 year old's to get their hands on crack, but where there is drugs there inevitably comes violence.  Drug addicts can get desperate and when they are they can pose a danger to everyone in the community.