Would you squeeze into a wet suit, strap on an oxygen tank and scuba dive to the bottom of Candlewood Lake?

From all of the online research I've read, it seems that only if you're a Candlewood Lake fan like myself would you possibly take the scuba plunge. Many divers have said that the water is way too cold and visibility is poor. The following is a quote from one of the diving message boards called, scubaboard.com:

Candlewood Lake is horrible.(for diving) No visibility and cold, cold water. There may be a bridge intact or some foundations left but good luck finding anything."

I got the distinct impression that enthusiastic scuba fans would prefer the crystal clear waters of Belize in the Caribbean, although Candlewood Lake is still a go-to dive spot because of what was left behind when the valley was flooded back in 1927.

Remember that Candlewood is a manmade lake and in certain locations there were farm implements, house foundations, Native American artifacts, and even roads that were left behind after the land was cleared and then flooded.

Orchard Point - Credit Google Instant Terrain View

The Orchard Point Bridge was left standing when the valley was flooded and is located at the tip of land where the lake splits at Orchard Point. If you're looking at the Point, and you take the left branch, it will take you along Vaughn's Neck, and eventually to Sherman. Take the right branch, and you'll cruise the Brookfield and New Milford shoreline all the way to Lyn Deming Park.

Orchard Point Bridge

Just off Birch Point in New Milford, as your cruising to Lyn Deming Park, and to the right of The Narrows was the town of Jerusalem according to the Candlewoodlakeauthority.org. It was a farming village in the Rocky River valley and according to damnedct.com, many of the buildings in town were left standing along with a considerable amount of personal property. Do you know of any diver who might have explored that section of Candlewood Lake who could confirm the two sources? What an amazing story that would make especially if they were able to retrieve any artifacts!

Google Instant Terrainview

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