It's simple, most humans love tech, so with thanks to PC Magazine, I give you six tech gift ideas that won't require you take out a second mortgage.

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    Google Chromecast

    If you own a prehistoric HDTV, this little contraption connects to your set via HDMI and lets you stream a ton of web content over your WI-FI network. Your formerly dumb TV is now a smart TV! The Google Chromecast retails for around $35.

    Google Chromecast - Credit Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
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    Tile Dongle

    Are you losing your crap all the time? Don't bother asking Siri, because "she" doesn't know where you put your keys. Instead, buy the Bluetooth-enable Tile Dongle and attach it to anything that you misplace on a regular basis. You can pick it up on Amazon for $25.

    Credit - Townsquare Media Center
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    Flash Link From Misfit

    The Flash Link is an activity tracker that not only counts calories but quantifies your movements and distance traveled. This handy little helper sells on the Dell website for only $20.

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    Amazon Fire Tablet

    The new 7" Amazon Fire Tablet is not the best tablet around, but if you're on a budget, it's the best tablet for $50. If you want to stream YouTube clips, read a book, or play some games, this will work just fine.

    Amazon Fire Tablet - Credit -
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    iGrill Mini

    The iGrill Mini, as far as I'm concerned, is a bit over the top for most weekend grill masters. This little contraption, once you stick it into the meat or poultry on the grill sends a stream of data via bluetooth which will help you cook the perfect dish. Then again, so will a simple $10 meat thermometer without the bluetooth.

    Low Tech Meat Thermometer - Getty Images
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    Hulu Gift Card

    If you have friends or family who aren't sure if they want to get tied up in an $8/month subscription to Hulu, a Hulu gift card is a perfect way to let them try it before they buy it! The gift card costs anywhere between $15 and $100.

    Hulu - Credit Getty Images