What was your drive hell this morning? Or are you shaking your head and saying today is no different from any other.

Good thing I love you all and my job here at i95, because the highways in Connecticut have gotten on my last good nerve.

We are all well aware that you can't drive practically anywhere in our state these days without encountering road construction projects both big and small. That said, the crazy things I see drivers doing, coupled with jersey barriers, changing traffic patterns, and late running construction, makes me emphatically understand road rage. Certainly, it's unacceptable, but I confess, it seeps in.

My story is that twice this week during the morning commute, I had the chance to take in the back roads of Connecticut. One through picturesque Middlebury, and the other was this morning through the much less picturesque Waterbury. Of course, I wasn't the only one with the superb idea of getting off the highway and around the issues. You're also no stranger to the fact that just when you think getting off the highway is going to help, you only crawl along just as slow - and possibly worse - on the alternate route.

I wonder if anyone has ever done a survey of whether it's better to stay on, or, you know -  get off?

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