One student in Woodbridge Connecticut is setting some pretty high goals. He wants to be the president.

According to Fox CT, Jeff Gallo, who is a junior at Amity High School, wants equality for everyone in the United States. His running mate is Ryan Rattley, who is a lacrosse player, but also has a strong interest in politics.

Gallo is officially registered with the Federal Elections Commission, so he is legitimately running for president. He said he is taking this seriously,

"There's been a couple of joke candidates on the Internet this past year and I thought like, one of them was 15, and I thought to myself, 'If they can do it, why can't I?' But take it a little more seriously and see what can happen," he told Fox CT.

Rattley is hoping they will inspire more young people to vote.

"There's been a drop in the number of young people voting," the vice presidential candidate said. "Having other young people so involved and so interested could inspire more people to be interested in this."

For more information you can visit their official Gallo 2016 website.

Here is the official video announcement.