According to an article on, a company called Humai has plans to bring the dead back to life utilizing artificial intelligence.

Humai plans on using nanotechnology and artificial intelligence which will be built into an artificial body equipped with the brain of a deceased human eventually restoring the brain using cloning technology.

Since the report was released, experts in the field claim there is no way that Humai's plan is feasible calling it a possible hoax. Humai CEO, Josh Bocanegra told that after death they will freeze the brain using cryogenic technology and then when technology is fully developed, they will implant the brain into an artificial body.

Artificial intelligence expert, Andrea Riposati didn't mince any words by saying that Bocanegra's claim is a hoax and could be a possible way to rob people who buy into Humai's technology.

The 25 year old CEO evidently has no experience in tech in fact his primary business is creating beats for hip-hop artists. It appears that Bocanegra has a reputation of creating internet ventures which are questionable at best.

Hey Mr. Bocanegra! How did your business titled "Love Room" turn out? said that it didn't "turn out" because it never existed. Bocanegra claims that both of his businesses are legit. I think the concept of "bringing people back from the dead" is fascinating, but this guy sounds like a wackjob!

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