One guy set out to prove that college students are too impressionable and easily least I hope that is why he did it. 

Seems like the joke is on these college kids but based on what I am watching the joke is on all of us.

That's pretty scary.  Political correctness has gone too far. It's brought us to a point where our kids feel either so guilty or are so dumb that they feel they need to sign this.

When I talk to college kids now I always have the same take away.  They have just enough information to be dangerous to us all.  Not enough to be fully informed but to be dangerous.  Sure this would play for some great laughs as a bit on Jimmy Kimmel's show but we all need to pump the brakes here and get back on track.  Sure the guy probably edited out a ton of these kids blowing him off because it's a ridiculous notion but too many signed it for me to feel comfortable.

Bing Crosby has got to be having a laugh while looking down on us.  I love how the guy convinced the kids that Bing Crosby was part of the "Black Lives Matter" protest.  Then he says we need more songs about animals with disabilities.  Classic.  Someone get me this guy we need to book him on the Ethan and Lou show yesterday.  The guy's name in case you were wondering is Dan Joseph and apparently he does things like this a lot.  I found my new man on the street.