Connecticut has many culinary trails for you to follow, the Pizza Trail, the Beer Trail, the Cocktail Trail, and the The Chowda Trail. Get on board baby!

No doubt about it, we have a special passion here in Connecticut for the food and drink we're very well known for. What's awesome about the Chowda Trail is that it changes every year, and has for the last 10 years. The Chowda Trail gives you every opportunity to pre-game for the BIG KAHUNA -- Connecticut's Chowdafest on October 2 in Westport at Sherwood Island State Park. lays out the trail very nicely in a recent article and it's an extra long journey with 30 plus restaurants taking part. All I know is that I loves me a big heapin' bowl of chowda. I don't care if it's Manhattan, New England, or some crazy ass creative hybrid. If it has fish in it, I'm all over it! The Chowda Trail is an actual trail which begins at the Beacon Bar & Grill at Groton's Regional Airport and wraps up at Two Fifty Market in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with 36 stops in all. All of the entries in Chowdafest 2016 are a stop on the Chowda Trail. Here's a short video from Chowdafest 2014 which explains how the winners are chosen.

Last year,  Pike Place Chowder from Seattle came cross country and ended up winning best chowder in the New England category. Second Place went to Sedona Taphouse in Norwalk. In the Traditional category, Dunville's from Westport was awarded 1st Place. Picking up 1st Place in the Creative Category was Our House Bistro from Winooski, Vermont, and in the Soup/Bisque category, Simply Delicious from Norwalk took home the gold.

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