Yeah he recently appeared in a video for the Vice Sports website.

In the video Melo said:

"New York is the greatest city on the planet."  "But your not a New Yorker if you don't wake up in the morning and sometimes say f-k this place." "I don't care who you are the mayor, governor all the way down to the mailman, everybody waked up some days hey f-k New York." 

Well you started out hot there Carmelo Anthony but you screwed the pooch right after that.  Why on earth would you say that.  I could see if Carmelo has led his New York Knicks to a title in this town.  Then you could say anything you want.  Winning cures all in New York.  Winning is all the fans care about.  You have not won a thing.  His time here has been a failure across the board.  The fans are tired of it.  Now he comes out and says that about New York?  What city does he live in?  Does Carmelo think that New Yorker's will forget this?  They won't.

Melo is lucky that the sports spotlight is firmly planted on the New York Mets right now because this would be front page news otherwise.  He would be getting buried in the papers, sports talk radio and sports talk TV in New York.  He lucked out.  Time to worry less about how the city you claim to love sucks and more about winning.  Dude you won 17 games on an 82 game schedule last year...shut your mouth and score buckets.

Check out the New York Post article for the full story.