Another positive move in Connecticut to help our firefighters battling cancer.

I've had two friends whose homes have burned. In both instances firefighters were able to save the houses, but there was extensive smoke damage. Even months later, after professional cleaning, most everything still reeked. It doesn't take much to imagine what firefighters experience being around all those toxins.

In a story from, a bill just passed Connecticut's House and Senate for cancer relief to firefighters in the state. The bill - HB 5262 - was just approved. What it calls for is to provide compensation for firefighters who are stricken with cancer and can't work anymore.The program though would exclude any firefighter who smokes, or has smoked within 15 years of applying for the benefit.

In regards to all the toxins at the scene of a fire, the state is putting together a subcommittee to investigate if there's a link between the firefighters cancer and those burning toxins. I say it's about time!

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