Ryan Lochte is now on the ABC TV series: "Dancing with the Stars." He appeared for the first time last night and was met with boos and hecklers. 

The hecklers had to be removed from the building after disrupting the broadcast.

Listen, the guy is a moron. No question about it. He embarrassed this country in the dumbest way in front of the entire world. No question about that. He told a lie so far from the truth that it was not even in the same neighborhood. FACT. Now it is time to dismiss him and anything with his name on it and move forward. The fact is the guy is kind of sad. I don't like making fun of people's intelligence but this guy is so stupid that I feel bad for him. I'm not sure he can help himself. He does not have a deeper level, does not have another gear and so we should simply say a prayer for him and then forget he exists.