We're talkin' Bucket List here on the Ethan and Lou Show where the three of us will reveal what we would like to "accomplish" before we all vapor lock. First item on my BL is to buy an RV and travel around the USA with Mindy......no house, no kids, no worries.....just the sights and sounds of the United States of America. I want to drive the Pacific Coast highway and explore the Big Sur Coastline before it collapses into the Pacific Ocean. Great Smokey Mountains National Park in Tennessee is also a must see.

Ethan's iphone

Unfortunately, Mindy would last about 3 or 4 days before boredom set in. You see, I'm a realist and as much as she enjoys my company, Mindy also loves having her friends close by  as much as possible, which means I'll need to invite.....Ann, Mare, Debbie, Annette, Betty Ann, Sharyn, Jennifer, June, Rona, Gayle, Angelina, Mary, Karen, Tina, Diana, Kathy, Lyn, Maggie, and Lynn. My apologies if I left anyone out. In Mindy's world there is never enough talking, so this works out perfectly, because I'll drive, listen to music, set the itinerary, plus I'll get to hang out with some of the coolest women on the planet! But I am going to need a much larger RV!